About Us


We are here to guide today’s Conscious Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Brands towards success through sustainable business tools, creative assets, and conscious practices for a healthy culture within and around their business. 


After a few years of mentoring entrepreneurs who were struggling with outdated and unhelpful websites, brands, social media accounts, systems, and tools, Gabaccia had the vision of creating an integrated space to further elevate the conscious businesses of today. Inspired by all the entrepreneurs building brands that make the world a better place, she’s on a mission to convert all businesses into conscious businesses, until this becomes the norm.

Conscious Collective Biz brings together a strong and diverse group of professionals who collectively have impacted the growth of dozens of brands and companies, big and small, long-standing and new, nationally and internationally, through an integrated approach to web design & development, business growth (through consulting, training, and application), brand strategy, content marketing, and more.


Because each entrepreneur, brand, and company, is unique, THE 1 proven solution for everyone doesn’t exist. Our approach is integrated because we take the time to get to know YOU, personally, YOUR BUSINESS, at large, and YOUR MARKET, in-depth, so we can see you in perspective and craft the best solutions for you. Our diverse team specializes in different tools & areas of business, so depending on your personality, your business needs, and your goals, we team you up with the specialists who have the right toolkit to help YOU thrive.


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